This boat was built using the stitch-and-glue method.  It is a long range robotic platform for monitering oil rigs.  The hulls are displacement hulls that are very efficient at low the low speeds that this boat will primarily operate at.  The maximum speed of this boat is a bit lower than desired due to the fact that the boat is under 10' in length.  The top speed of a displacement hull can operate more eficiently than a planing hull is governed by the length of the hull at the waterline.  This is due to constructive interference between the bow wave and stern wave at higher speeds.

The hull design was adapted from plans for a manned sailboat.  Some of the changes include taking the scaling the boat down to just under 10' to avoid coastguard regulations, eliminating a deck, mast and rigging, sails, and rudders.  The choice to use this hull design was made after a semester of researching hull shapes and defining our design criteria.

A video of us load testing set to some fairly epic music.