I was looking at SunSynth's website, and it seemed really over priced.  I like their services, but I think its a rip off, and I don't like that they charge so much and don't even try to help the oceans.  I thought I could make a tabletop planter that did most of the things that make SunSynth planters kind of convenient (though still not worth the money) for a under $50.  I grew moss in this one, cause it looks good, but it will grow any plant, but I would stick to smaller leafed plants that have better CO2 conversion.  I think I will plant herbs in the next one and keep it on the kitchen table.

This one waters its self on a set schedule, and it beeps when it needs more water.  Im making a few changes to the design, but then Ill be posting a tutorial complete with a file for the enclosure that you can 3D print, a material list with links, and a schematic for an Arduino. Version two will water based on moisture in the growing substrate to avoid over or under-watering, it will turn to give light to all sides, and it will email you when it needs the reservoir filled.