Big Blue Boat

Below is the first version of a project aimed at developing a long-range autonomous platform.  There are many potential applications for this boat.  There are other boats of similar capabilities, but they are prohibitively expensive.  The boat below is composite because it was the fastest building method at the time.  Once a good hull is developed that meets all the requirements the goal is to move to vacuu-forming or rotomolding the hulls.  

I designed this hull shape as a plaining hull, however the thrusters we ended up ordering produced less thrust than claimed.  This boat was built on a very short time-scale. From starting to carve a foam plug to launching on the water was done in an exhausting, sleep deprived five days. 


Ground Effect Vehicle:

This project was aimed at building long-distance, high speed vehicles for reconnaissance and environmental-monitoring.  After months of research, I began prototyping.  Admittedly, my understanding of aircraft design was far from complete, yet I went ahead and built version one.  I spent a number of weeks trying to make it fly, crashing it, and taping it back together.  Eventually it was beyond repair, and I felt I had learned what I could so it was time to build version two.


Above was a proof of concept that we designed and built in 48 hours.