This page is a work in progress

This page is my beginning to compile the useful resources I have come across in a few years of research.  It is a collection of useful tutorials, good sources for materials, and anything else I have found useful.  I will also begin making videos of techniques and tricks that I couldn’t find on the internet and had to work at a softwoods company to acquire along with some videos of me sewing.  For now it is just a list of places to buy materials, but the rest will follow as I have time.



For people at CMU: I sell Nylon (abrasion resistant) and polypro (doesn't absorb water) webbing in various sizes from 1/2" to 1 1/2".  I also sell plastic hardware and some metal hardware.

geraldschwartz good for hardware, webbing,  and some fabrics

Ripstopbytherole has a good selection of supplies for making outdoor gear like tents, hamocks, and sleeping bags/

fabricline all kinds of fabrics for fairly good prices

diygearsupply good for technical fabric

questoutfitters fabrics, hardware, etc.

zipperstop great place to get zippers

paragear some pretty cool hardware from the skydiving industry.  Also a good source of Austialpin's cobra buckles


Following is a great video on welt pockets

Some soft goods I've made

Please contact me with questions or comments