Velo was made by Sebrand Warren, Anu Jayasinghe, and Michael Probber and me (and a huge thanks to Noam Eisen) as part of PennApps 2014 at UPen.  It consists of UI, Hardware, and softgoods.  Velo won best wearable, second place Google API prize, and second place Indiegogo prize.  It was quite rewarding.

Velo turns everyone into a bike messenger by leveraging everyday travel to enable efficient transportation of goods and services. As a commuter it turns transit time into profit; as a sender you get rapid, low-cost shipping.  

Velo uses google calendar to compare your current location to where you're going.  When it identifies a task that’s along your route, Velo alerts you via a wearable embedded device without the need to look at your phone. You then pull out your phone for details and accept the task. When you’re done, take a picture to confirm the task and collect your payment.


Shows the flow through the experience of using the app.

Flow Through the App.png


A Lilypad Arduino, batteries, vibrator, speaker, and assorted circuitry.


Soft goods:

This consists of a hat and bag both of which can accommodate the imbedded hardware.